Congratulations Region 9 by the membership success during the 2019 first semester!

Congratulations to these 9 Sections that met both their recruitment and
retention goals for the year and have earned the Gold recognition status!
Puebla Section
Panama Section
Paraguay Section
Venezuela Section
Puerto Rico & Caribbean Section
Veracruz Section
Peru Section
Trinidad And Tobago Section
Mexico Section

Congratulations to these 6 Sections for achieving their 2019 recruitment goal!
Bolivia Section
Nicaragua Section
Guanajuato Section
Guadalajara Section
Monterrey Section
El Salvador Section

Congratulations to these 3 Sections for achieving their 2019 retention goal!
Morelos Section
Honduras Section
Colombia Section

Congratulations WIE R9, 12.2% more members than during 2018

Region 9 leads the way by a very large margin, with 45% of Sections there showing growth.

Read more Information on:

IEEE MD Monthly JUNE 2019

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