May 18, 2019

What is a Regional Delegate /Director?


The voting members of each Region shall elect a Delegate to the Assembly designated as its Region Delegate who shall also by virtue of such election be a Director designated as its Region Director. Region Delegate/Directors represent the membership of their Region in the IEEE Assembly as a voting delegate. Region Delegate/Directors are also members of the IEEE Board of Directors, the highest governing body in the IEEE. In addition, Region Delegate/Directors are voting members of the Member and Geographic (MGA) Board and MGA Assembly as a voting delegate. They are encouraged in their elect years to volunteer to serve on committees of the Board outside of MGA, in order to gain a broader perspective of IEEE. The IEEE Region Delegate/Director also serves as a member of the IEEE Board of Directors, the governing body of IEEE. See Member, IEEE Board of Directors Position Description for more detail of this position including responsibilities and additional time requirements.


This is a six-year commitment: two year term as Region Delegate/DirectorElect, two year term as Region Delegate/Director, and two year term as Past Region Delegate/Director.


  • Serves as a member of the IEEE Assembly;
  • Serves as a voting member of the IEEE Board of Directors;
  • Serves as a member of the MGA Assembly;
  • Serves as a voting member of the MGA Board;
  • Serves as a member of the IEEE-USA Board if serving as a Region Delegate/Director from Regions 1-6;
  • Serves as Chair of their respective Region Committee with responsibilities and authority in compliance with the Region Bylaws.


  • Has the duties, responsibilities, and authority as identified in the IEEE and Region Bylaws;
  • Appoints the region Treasurer, Secretary, and such other Committee Chairs as may be specified in the Region Bylaws or identified in the MGA Operations Manual;
  • Holds and chairs at least one Region meeting a year and may hold Region Executive Committee Meetings between the Region meetings as required, in accordance with Region Bylaws;
  • Directs implementation of MGA and IEEE initiatives and programs in the Region and Sections as needed;
  • Maintains communication with Section chairs; addresses Section requests, addresses problems faced by the sections, and encourages Section participation in the region meetings;
  • Coordinates activities by IEEE organizational units in his/her Region as needed;
  • Identifies, encourages, nominates and mentors candidates for higher volunteer positions within IEEE;
  • Visits Sections in the Region as needed;
  • Encourages Section/Chapter interaction within the region;
  • Develops an appropriate leadership development program and encourages Region and Section Officers to participate;
  • Encourages student activities including the formation and successful operation of Student Branches and Student Branch Chapters;
  • Presents recommendations for approval of Section and Geographic Council formations and forwards petitions to MGA Secretary for ratification and transmission to the MGA Board;
  • Approves Technical Chapter, Affinity Group, Student Branch and Student Branch Chapter formations for transmission to the MGA Board;
  • Encourages membership development, including recruitment, retention and recovery;
  • Participates in and encourages participation in Sections Congress;
  • Ensures that the Region financial statements and Region Committee roster reports are submitted in a timely manner;
  • Ensures that the Region budget is developed, balanced, maintained and audited;
  • Presents to MGA Board and its committees any regional items that may require MGA Board action or review;
  • Submits a report of activities to the MGA Board before each MGA Board Meeting and, if requested, a summary report for the MGA Annual Report;
  • Serves on committees, task forces and liaison bodies as needed;
  • Works with the Region’s Director-Elect to ensure appropriate division of workload between the Director and Director-Elect, as well as training of the Director-Elect in MGA matters;
  • Also see the BoD Member Responsibilities in the Generic BoD Member position description.