May 18, 2019


Based on my experience of 23 years as a volunteer in our institute, I think Region 9 is still in its foundation stage, a young institution open to dynamic processes with a great growth potential. This is the reason why my proposal is based on two main pillars: The young professional’s empowerment and positioning the Region as a promoter of high impact professional activities.

Hence, I propose that as Region 9 we focus on our human and financial resources in the following main points:

1. Strengthen the relationship between the Region and Sections with the Chapters and Technical societies of IEEE through the promotion of technical conferences that are already in place, identify opportunities in new interests and development areas in the region, and promote Latin America and the Caribbean as venue of global outreach events, making out of IEEE an important partner for the development of the economic sector of our countries.

2. Promote the development of continued education activities with high standards for professional development, strengthening the technological transfer to our industries and to the finances of the sections and chapters.

3. Identify, promote and execute a regional outreach strategy to encourage the undergraduate students to choose engineering as a career path.

4. Support activities that privilege the professional development and promote the interaction among the different members of the region, enabling the dialogue between generations.

5. Become an important actor in the management of resources that promote the use of technology in benefit of the community in the region.
These goals are possible to be reached with the commitment of volunteers with knowledge of IEEE tools, and understand the best channels to communicate to our members the plans, updates, and achievements.

Let’s work together!